Friday, April 1, 2011

More pictures to end the week . . . .

The week is finally wrapping up. We have been able to get through our first week of trying to remember all we learned last week. It went pretty well. And we have been enjoying the wonderful mangoes that are in season now. Mango shakes are the best!

Here are some more pictures . . . enjoy!

This is a picture taken out of the car window on our way to Angeles of the rice fields.

The sign to turn off the expressway to Clark and Angeles. We are almost there.

This is the Philippines Angeles Mission Home / Office. Our apartment is on the right. The Assistants to the President Elders live second from right. The Mission office is on the left. The mission home and President's apartment is upstairs. We live in a gated area called Redwood Village. This was an area where officers lived while it was used for a US military base.

This is the bathroom in our apartment - small but adequate.

This is our kitchen . . . the dishwasher is me. I am having a hard time getting used to not having a garbage disposal. The water filter is on the left side of the fridge. We use Zonrox (Clorox) in the rinse water to disinfect the dishes.

This is a Philippine Jeepney. They are everywhere and used by the locals to get around. The door is in the back and people just hop in and out at the different stops - much like buses at home. We were told that the people used the army jeeps that were left behind and converted them into these.

Flowers are in bloom everywhere - these just looked so tropical to me!

These flowers also come in pink. They are the same flowers that they use in Hawaii to make leis . . . and they smell so good!!!

This is Elder Alcibor and Elder Williams they are the APs (Assistant to the President). They are the nicest young men and have been so helpful! Elder Alcibor is from the Philippines and is the only member in his family. Elder Williams is from New Zealand but has lived in Australia as well.

Jose is our security guard. He actually lives in a room the size of the laundry room here. I was told that when he was hired he was homeless. He is an active member of the church and is the Elders Quorum President in his ward. He is the one who also takes care of the yard and plants so many fun things!

This is the milk that we buy. I comes in a carton that you find on the shelf in the stores - not in the 'dairy' case! I was a little leery about it at first, but you can't tell the difference. It stores a long time and doesn't go bad. We tried some chocolate milk as well. Juices come in the same type of boxes.

This is our drinking water . . . just like the Mount Olympus bottles back home. We can't drink the tap water here. We have filters on the sinks, but we are still advised not to drink the water. We can brush our teeth with the filtered water, but it is only on the kitchen sink.
Elder and Sister Jewkes

We love serving here and helping to further the work by taking care of the office needs of the mission . . . after all, somebody has to do it! :)


  1. WOW, your apt looks pretty nice! I bet it's nice to be next to the mission home to. My parents bought milk in the same type of carton. I never figured out how it could not go bad pretty quick, but they ended up loving it! Thanks for the pictures...glad things are going well:)

  2. Hey Connie, I love the pictures ,, looks so fun,, the flowers from Hawii are called Plumaria,, they are some of my favorite,, looks like you are having the time of your life,, I dont have a dish washer or disposal either ,, ha ha fun fun,, Im so excited you have a maid.. you have always wanted one,, what is wade up to > we want to hear form him too.. LOVE Freddie