Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Week

This past week has been Holy Week in the Philippines, much like other parts of the world. However, they take it pretty seriously here. Thursday and Friday, everything is closed, I mean everything! We went to the store to get some milk and the whole mall was shut down! A lot of the Filipinos go to Baguio or to the beach to spend the Easter weekend. But there are many more who stay right in town and celebrate by re-enacting the last days of Christ life. They carry crosses - some with their faces covered. We caught these photos at the end of the day on Thursday.
This is a group of men carrying crosses with others walking along side to help them if they need it. Some go barefoot on the pavement which is hot - it has been between 94-98 degrees this past week!
At the churches, many will end their journey there. There are people singing the scriptures over a loud speaker that can heard around the city.
These kids wanted their picture taken. They were walking on the opposite side of the street from the guys carrying the crosses - celebrating.

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