Thursday, April 14, 2011

Being "Spartan"

I think I wrote in an early post about Wade not wanting me to 'stock' up on items and to only buy what we are going to eat right away. Well Saturday, I finally talked him to letting me buy some flour and some coca. As I was putting the flour away, I opened a canister that I thought had flour in it (left from the couple before us). Well it turned out to be powdered sugar. Yeah!! So I made my Cocoa Cola Sheet cake last Sunday for dinner. It was yummy. I also made some potato cheese soup. It was good, but was missing a few spices I like to use. Yesterday we went to the duty free store and got a 4lb bag of C&H powdered sugar. I thought I was going to die and go to heaven!! Tonight we went to the store to buy Wade some Pepsi (he can't live without it) and I got a bag of sugar since I only had a small amount to use on oatmeal. So I am slowly getting some basics so I can cook a little more!!

Well, Wade has decided he wants to live "spartan" while on this mission! He wants to relive his days in Central America 45 years ago and keeps telling that he will eat rice and beans for every meal. Now I can handle rice and beans on occasion with a few spices (which I don't have yet) added to give more flavor and with so m any other interesting things to try, I get a little, no a lot, frustrated with him over his need to relive his days as a 19 year old missionary! So last night I gave in and made rice and beans . . . Doesn't this look delicious?? Wade seems to be enjoying them - he said they tasted good. I said a little bland! Not sure what his face says though!

Now for Wade's two cents . . . . . . . or should I say his 20 dollars . . . . . . . . :)

"I really don't think "spartan" has anything to do with my first mission. I think it has to do with living the word of wisdom. But our biggest problem is that I think it is an asset and she thinks it is a liability. I really wanted a different experience here. I didn't want it to be all the luxury of home. And Connie only mentioned a few things she bought. She didn't mention the butter, and the container she bought and that was just today. Every time we go to the store it costs me $20. Her kitchen is soon going to look just like it is at home. Elder Jewkes

For now, I am willing to not eat like a queen, but I'm not so sure about this 'spartan' stuff!!


  1. Oh, beans and rice! That is the meal I threaten to make for the kids when they complain about something I've cooked! Funny post- love it!

  2. Wade wants beans and rice AND Carmel Sauce??? Love the posts! Hope you are loving the work! It looks beautiful there and being around all those missionaries would be fun!