Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visiting Missionary Apartments . . . .

Friday we were invited by the President to go visit some missionaries so we would know where they lived since we need to do apartment inspections every 6 weeks. First we went to St Lucia. We drove out the Mabalacat gate from Clarkfield and through the town of Mabalacat. Then it was out in the country for a bit. We arrived at the Barangay of St Lucia which is a small community or neighborhood. This particular one was a resettlement area that was built by the Philippines government after the volcano destroyed the homes here. It has narrow roads with homes lined up on each side right next to each other. These homes are built out of cinder blocks that have plaster over the blocks and then are painted.
Here is the Elders apartment and the street it is on.

Elder Leedom and Elder Timbas
These homes don't have showers like we do in the states. They take 'bucket showers'. President Puzey demonstrates for us.
The Elder's Kitchen. All Missionary apartments have a rice cooker in them.Most of the homes do not have a refrigerator, but all of our missionaries have one. Notice the green mangos on top of the fridge.
Sister Puzey and I played marbles with some of the little kids in the neighborhood. They are so cute.
More kids in front of their home.As we were leaving the Barangay, we saw these boys playing basketball in the street. Notice the boy in the tree.

Next we went to Mabalacat to visit the sisters. There are 4 sisters living in this apartment. You have to go through this gate to get to their from door.
Sister Decato & Sister Lamosta
Sister Desuyo & Sister Breckenridge
This is the kitchen in the sister's apartment.Next stop was the Elders in Angels City. There are four Elders sharing this apartment.
They have taken the beds out of the bedrooms and put them all in the living area of the house except for this one bed. One of the Elders has chosen to sleep on a mattress the floor. They just use these rooms to keep their clothes and supplies in.
Elders Au & Elder Glavez
Elder Banguis & Elder Thompson
We went back to the office and worked in the afternoon. Then to finish the day, we went to the mall and had dinner to celebrate Elder Jewkes' birthday. We tried a new restaurant that we haven't been to before . . . we most likely won't go back. We just didn't care for the food that much.
Here is a picture of how Elder Jewkes ended his day! He usually falls asleep on the couch, but . . .
he was watching this . . .
. . . it wasn't a live game, but it was the JAZZ!! Happy Birthday dear! Love You!

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