Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Hot Shower is a Blessing

After I posted pictures of some of the Elder's apartments and showed the 'bucket shower' method used here, my son wrote and asked why the missionaries don't have showers . . . so I will show another couple of pictures that show some of the showers that were in another apartment.
Notice there is still a bucket in this shower . . . . Both of these showers were clean even though it may look like they are not.

The thing is, so many of our missionaries are Filipino and they just don't grow up with showers or hot water like we do in the states. We found out how much we missed the 'hot' water when the water heater went out in our apartment a week ago. The water isn't freezing like back home, but it was a shocker early in the morning!

The mission president's wife told me that once some of the sisters were staying at the mission home. She had to go in and show a young Filipino girl how to put the shower curtain in the tub and how the shower worked. We are so blessed in the states. We take so many things for granted.

So today when you take that nice hot shower . . . feel blessed because not everyone in the world has one!

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  1. I never got used to cold, bucket showers. In one area I would boil a half bucket of water every morning to make my shower lukewarm. I definitely appreciate my American luxuries!