Thursday, April 28, 2011


My youngest son, Charlie, was laid off from his job as an estimator at Sunroc in February. He had been applying for jobs in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas. Nothing was becoming available. He went to a job fair and talked to a company in So. California. They called him a couple of days later, flew him to LA for an interview and a week later was offered a job.

He bought a house in Cottonwood Heights this past September. He had great plans to get the yard in shape and just enjoy home ownership this summer. But with a great job offer, he packed up his car the first of April and moved to So. California. He has been renting his house to 5 of his friends, so he hasn't lost the house too. He will keep it at least until the economy improves, renting it to friends.

His job is in Glendale. He is currently looking for an apartment close to his work. He is renting a room from a woman, who also rents an apartment to the missionaries, while he looks for a good ward to attend and an apartment to rent. He is excited to live in a warmer climate.

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