Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 'Wet" Market and new places . . .

Saturday we went to the Angeles Stake Center to watch the Priesthood session of general Conference. Because Conference live would be in the middle of the night here, they show it in the Stake Centers the week after conference takes place. Since we watched the other sessions during the week, we decided to try to find the 'wet' market in Angeles.

Traffic is like this everyday in Angeles City

A 'wet' market is an outdoor or in a covered building market of people bringing their produce, meat and other items to sell to the public. It wouldn't be as bad if you are there first thing in the morning when the meat and fish is fresh and hasn't been sitting out all day. You just tell the person selling what you want and they cut it off for you. We drove around and we found the market in Angeles, but we couldn't find a place to park. So we went to the supermarket and bought groceries. Then we went to another town where we had seen the market on Friday. It was about 3 in the afternoon. We were able to find some produce - potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, Asian pears and oranges. I was so excited! Every time I have tried to buy these things in the store Elder Jewkes tells me will go to the wet market where they will be cheaper and they were!! And fresher even if it was afternoon! It was a great day!!
The wet market in MabalacatProduce at the wet marketElder Jewkes paying for my purchase
Rice being sold on the sidewalk at a store across from the wet marketCrazy traffic on the corner by the wet market . . . who gets to go first??

Today (Sunday) we were asked to go with the APs to take a couple of mission calls to some areas of the mission that we have not been to yet. Since we haven't really been outside of the Angeles area, we were excited to go and see more of the mission. And if we went with the Elders, we could learn how to get to these areas with some help this first time.

The country side is beautiful. We passed rice fields and many small communities along the way. We saw the locals drying the rice in the sun. They lay it on the road because the concrete pavement is hot. It was interesting to see them turning the rice as we drove by. When it is dry, they put into bags and take it to the mill for processing. A lot of work for these farmers.

Rice Field along the roadway
Rice on the road to dry
Farmer turning the rice so that it can dry in the sun
Trucks with bagged rice ready to go to the mill

While we were on our 'ride' today, we saw two funeral processions. It is interesting to see the procession of a car or truck with the flowers on top and the next one carrying the coffin with all of the mourners walking behind as they go to the cemetery to lay their loved one to rest. This is the 4 funeral procession we have seen in just three weeks. A new culture experience.

It was conference weekend here and we were able catch the first session in a place called Paniqui. It was fun to go to these areas and meet many of the Elders and Sisters that I have only seen names at this point. They are all so special and so sweet. The Sisters all give me hugs and I feel loved by these sweet young ladies already! The Elders are equally sweet and kind and truly seem to love us too! What a wonderful experience we are having. I know this is where we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing. We love our mission and the Philippines!!! And the Gospel is True!

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