Friday, April 15, 2011


There is a fast food chain here called Jollibee. It is a lot like McDonald's but cost a little less. They are on every corner and in all of the malls. They are always crowded. Wade stopped at one to try their hamburger the other day and was not overly impressed. However, a new Jollibee opened just down the road today, April 15th at 4pm. That is what the sign said . . . So after work Wade wanted to get a picture of the finished project.

We took our first picture of the construction this past Sunday April 10th. This is what it looked like . . . They had just started to build this restaurant when we arrived on march 22nd . . . When the Filipinos are constructing a building, all of the workers 'camp out'
next to the project. They eat, sleep, and do their laundry at the camps.
This was the camp on Sunday . . .

Here is the new Jollibee restaurant completed and opened today . . . And here is the workers' campsite today . . .There are just a few things to finish up I guess, like this building at the back of the parking lotAnd here is the mascot, Jollibee, himself entertaining the crowd in the parking lot . . .And just to let you know, Wade tried another hamburger today, the more deluxe one, and he enjoyed it. I had some fries and a chocolate sundae . . . yum!

~~And just a side note, the caramel syrup from last night is delicious!~~



  1. WAit until they have the Aloha burger again!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all these posts. I enjoy seeing them and ready about where and what you are up too. Keep up the good work.