Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Bataan Death March of World War ll

Saturday April 16, 2011
The Bataan Death March of World War ll took place in this part of the Philippines. Bacolor is one of the towns that the soldiers marched through as they made their way from Bataan to San Fernando. The trek was more than 100 kilometers, "leaving a trail of the most inhuman treatment accorded to patriotic soldiers who offered their lives in defense of country and freedom." There are markers along the roadway in memory of soldiers who died during the march. These markers also mark the kilometers of the march.

Marker Kilometer 97
Wade reading the markerA closer look at the marker
The couple we replace in the mission office told us about the Bataan March and pointed out a few places in Angles City where the marchers passed. We are hoping to see many more historical sites during the next year and half here in the Philippines.

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