Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Visitors . . . Yippee!

February 9,  2015

After finishing last week with 13 interviews, we are looking forward to having a little down time.  Now just so you don't start to think this is a vacation we are on here in Puerto Rico, this is the first time we have really done any sight seeing of the county.  We are too busy gathering interviews - our assignment for being here.

Patti, Eric and Riessa arrived at 9pm Sunday evening.  We made it to the airport and back home without getting lost.  Now that is saying something for us.  Seems each time we go somewhere and come home after dark, we end up lost!
They made it here!
Today, Monday, we decided to go to Old San Juan and visit there.  Eric has never been to Puerto Rico before, so we decided some history would be good.  We rode the ferry from Catano to San Juan. 

Riessa watching the water while we rode the ferry ~ ~ Grandma & Riessa
We then rode the shuttle to San Cristobal Castle and then walked to El Morro.  It was a nice day, windy but sunny.  One of the Senior Sister missionaries had given me a kite for Riessa.  She had fun flying it at El Morro.  It was fun to walk through the ruins there and see how the people were defending the country back in the day.

Riding the trolley through the streets of Old San Juan

This is a cell where prisoners where held.
The etchings on the wall made by one of the prisoners
Riessa loved the tunnels
Riessa loves to pose!
Looking out towards the El Morro

Climbing the spiral staircase
The Three Flags
This tells about the three flags
Enjoying the castle and all to see
San Cristobal Castle

Eating ice cream which is more like a gelato on out walk to El Morro
Riessa and grandpa resting and just having a chat

"Let's go fly a kite"
She loved her kite
One of the streets in Old San Juan - so colorful!
After a day in Old San Juan we drove to Cayey to visit a member who Patti knew while serving her mission here 17 years ago.  Victor Fleix invited us all for dinner.  It was wonderful to finally meet him.  The food was fabulous.  He is a wonderful cook.
Dinner at Victor's home
Victor Felix and Patti
Riessa, Patti, Victor and Eric

Tuesday February10, 2015

Today we went to El Yunque, the rain forest.
At the beginning of  our adventure
Te beautiful flowers
Playing on the roots from the trees
Wade being Trazan!
Hiding among the roots of the tree
Eric playing Trazan
Hanging from the roots
Before picture on his drivers license
We met this guy at the falls below.  He showed us his drivers license - he had lost over 200 pounds!!
The Love Birds
The tower is about 100 feet high
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair"  Half way up the tower looking out the windows
On top of the Tower
Riessa waiting to scare mom and dad
The Falls - we hiked down to the falls and then hiked out the lower trail . . .  About a 1 hour hike.
Riessa's legs were tired so daddy gave her a ride . . . up hill!
Riessa's turn to hang on the roots
Connie made the hike - Wade waited for us at the end of the trail

After our hike, Patti wanted more Puerto Rican food.  We went to the Bonanza Restaurant. Riessa eating with her spoon and her fork.  She wanted some ice cream!
 Almost ready for ice cream!

Just chillin' talking about our day

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