Thursday, February 26, 2015

Interviewees . . .

I have already posted a few of the people we have interviewed here in Puerto Rico.  Each has a story of their own.  I have mentioned some . . . but I want to mention a few more so that I don't forget!
Elder Antonio & Sister Myriam Espinosa
Sister Espinosa is the one who translated the testimony meeting in Toa Baja.  This couple is serving in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Temple on a mission. Such a sweet couple!
President Jose Santos - Caguas Stake
Desiree Colon
Mario Carrero
Nancy Mena
Arcadio & Carmen Maldonado
President Tomas and Mary Ann Olmo - Toa Baja Stake
The Olmo family
Patriarch Tomas and Maria Olmo - Mayaguez Stake
Sandra Foe and Juan 'Johnny' Berrios
Adah Contreras
Bishop Alex Munoz
Abimelec and Desiree Mercado
Angel Comacho
Cesar Padilla
Bishop Ernest and Midna Robledo Mayaguez Stake
Luis Muniz
Myrta Quinones
Sonia Aviles
Hector and Daisy Landron
We have interviewed youth who have told us that they are grateful for the church in their lives. . . . to know God.  One person told us that they had lost their father and had wondered for years where they were.  The missionaries taught the Plan of Salvation lesson and they knew this was the true church.  

One lady had gone to visit the Washington DC Temple visitors center and requested a Book of Mormon.  She was told that someone would bring her one.  The missionaries stopped by when her husband was at work and told her they couldn't come it at that time and wanted to make another appointment.  She asked again for the Book of Mormon.  She begged for it and they finally gave it to her.  She read it in one night. They came back and taught her and her husband. They gave her husband a video and he stayed up all night watching it over and over.  He knew this was true. They both were baptized shortly after that

One couple met at church.  He was a convert who had been married and divorced.  After his baptism, he was called to be the Elders Quorum president.  Her husband had died.  She was taught and joined the church and called to be the Relief Society President.  They fell in love and were married and so very strong in the church.  Now this love story reminded me so much of the single wards back home.

One of the couples were taught the gospel and wanted to earn extra money to go to the temple.  He had been in the US Army and was a cook.  He baked lots of goodies.  So they decided to bake some little cakes and sell them to the members.  They would stand at the doors of the church after the meetings were over and sell his good.  Then a member of the stake came up to him one Sunday and told him that he couldn't sell those on Sunday.  He laughed as he told the story.  He and his wife have been making pizza every Sunday for their family and those who stop by.  They told us they would make us pizza if we wanted to visit them at their house!

Another man we interviewed had worked several jobs before he met the missionaries.  He was a Black Jack dealer at one of the hotels.  He remained at that job for three years after he was baptized.  And then worked for the church here for m any years.

One sister is a professor at a local university here.  She was divorced from her first husband and found the church.  She was baptized when she was 33.  She met her present at the bank.  He was the vice president and she was the secretary.  He was going through a divorce.  While they were dating after his divorce, she told him she could not marry him unless he joined the church.  He was baptized, they were married and then sealed in the temple a year after their marriage.

Several of the interviews we have done are of members who where baptized at eight or their families had joined the church when they were young. Some raised int he Catholic church, some Protestant, Jehovah Witness, Evangelist and  more and a few didn't attend any church.  

There are many more stories like these.  Yes we are enjoying our assignment here.  It does get frustrating when appointments cancel, but I think it is the Lords way of teaching us to be more humble and patient!

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