Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday in Toa Baja

Sunday February 8, 2015

Today we visited the Toa Baja ward prior to doing some interviews this afternoon. The ward is a Spanish ward, although we were greeted by many who spoke very good English.  One couple who are currently serving in the Dominican Republic Temple came up to greet us.  This is there home ward and they were here for two weeks because the temple is closed.  Wade & I sat at the back of the chapel.  As the meeting started Elder Espinoza came up and told me his wife would interpret the meeting for me (they both speak great English).  As she sat down next to me I felt the spirit so strong.  She held the hymn book and pointed to the words (in Spanish) so I could follow along.  I had a hard time singing because of the tears in my eyes.  I was so overwhelmed by the love of Sister Espinoza.  She translated the testimonies during the entire meeting.  I felt the spirit so strong!

The interviews have gone very well.  The four people we interviews have given great conversions stories as well as wonderful testimonies!  I love this work and know how important it is to keep these sacred records!

Manuela Busher
Sister Busher and 3 of her grandchildren
Angel Negron
Ivan Colon
Ivan and Ilsa Colon

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