Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A "Family" Member In Puerto Rico

February 22, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from a good friend, Pam Fyans Delahunty asking if I had met her niece Missy Burton here in Puerto Rico.  She is the Primary President in the English speaking ward here.  So when we attended the Metro Ward (English speaking ward) n the 15th, I started asking around.  But the Burton's weren't there that Sunday. I was told her husband was in the Bishopric and started putting two and two together.  The first week we attended this ward I met her in-laws who were visiting from Salt Lake. So today I started checking again to meet this lady.  Missy is the daughter of Carol Fyans and Leon Nelson. 

Now a little background . . .  when I was 2 my parents moved to Cottonwood Heights in a home that they had bought from Tom and Helen Fyans.  The Fyans family at that time consisted of 4 daughters, Carol, Kathy, Patti and Pam. (Susie was born a year or so later.)  Since I was the oldest and had no older siblings, these girls became my sisters.  Over the years they have been there for me . . . when I got married they helped plan my wedding giving me all the dos and don'ts.  I have treasured the 'sisterhood' for years now . . .  When other siblings came along, dad would ask if Carol could tend us . . . if not mom and dad didn't go out.  The year I was married, Wade and I drove to LA for New Years.  On the way we had car trouble and decided we need to have the car checked.  We called Carol because she lived in Las Vegas at the time.  We spent the night at their home and the next morning Leon took Wade to a reliable mechanic to get our car fixed.  I love this family who have loved me  in return for so many years . . . Thank you to my 'older' sisters!

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