Friday, February 20, 2015

The end of another great week in Puerto Rico

Saturday February 14, 2015

Thursday and Friday were filled with appointments for interviews.  I think we finished the week with a total of 6.  Not bad for taking a 3 day break.  We have been trying to get at least 10 each week.   

Saturday we headed back to Cayey to interview our sweet friend Victor Felix.  He is a former Baptist Pastor who joined the church in 1995.  He is a special person who takes excellent care of the missionaries.  We enjoyed hearing his conversion story. His sweet mother is not a member, but had a blessing at one time that if she would take care of the missionaries there would always be enough food in their home.,  And that has always been the case.  She lives downstairs from Victor in his very humble abode.
Victor and his niece

Sister J, Victor and Elder J

Victor's mom, Victor and his niece

Our sweet friend Victor Felix

Next we set out to the Caguas Stake Center to interview the Stake President.  Another great interview with a great man! 

Becky Fraticelli was there at the stake center waiting for us to take us to her home in Aguas Buenos.  She lives at the top of the mountain, literally.  She led the way and we followed her little green car up the winding road that was very steep in a couple of places.  When we arrived, we thought we had gone to heaven or at least the Garden of Eden.  It was quiet and beautiful.  She lives in a humble home that she had built on the top of the mountain.  She grows a lot of her own fruits and vegetables as well as herbs to cook with.  Becky fixed a late lunch for us of rice with chicken and beans (very Puerto Rican) that was fabulous.  (She sent me the recipes along with a list of spices I need to purchase before we go home - yeah!) My pictures don't do it justice, but we will try . . . . .

Following the little green car up the mountain
Almost there . . . .
Becky's home in "Eden"
Becky & Wade talking about the beauty of her place

Some of Becky's flowers - one of many Orchids
A Vanda Orchid
This is what the wax flowers look like as they start to bloom
Wax flower in bloom
Red wax flower
Becky called this a bridal bouquest
Poinsettias -she has them all down the drive way in various colors
Looking out to the porch from her kitchen
Looking straight off the deck into the jungle
Looking down to the ground from the deck - see the brown dirt??
Grapefruit tree
Plantains - not bananas, but she does have bananas on her property

Her bathroom . . . I loved the tub!
Showing us one of her books about her family
Becky's book collection
Dishing up our lunch . . . it was soooooo good!
The happy cook . . . rice, chicken and beans.  Yummy!
Wade getting ready to enjoy this feast
Deseret - guava paste with cheese
Love this sign she has in her house
Wade & Becky
Wade, Becky and Connie
Becky and Connie in front of the papya tree
We had a great day and enjoyed visiting with Becky.  She is a wonderful hostess . . . wish we could have stayed there longer!!

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