Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Busy Week . . .

February 3 - 8, 2015

This past week has seen some ups and downs.  We have been able to do many interviews which is good.  But it seemed like each day as I was trying to get the information logged into the Church History Library system, there was a glitch!  After all, we are the pioneers in doing this work.  I was told by one of the ladies at the CHL that we are the ones helping them to work out the kinks in the system.  I was able to get a printer on the desk I am using which helped on Thursday and then before we went home it was asking for a new ink cartridge - I couldn't find one!  Then on Friday as I was trying to upload the documents I was getting a error message and couldn't go any further.  But I know that this work is important and the Lord will help us in getting things working correctly.  The information we are gathering is important in His work.

We went to dinner at Longhorn on Wednesday after work.  It was good!  After we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few supplies.  It has been interesting to me to see their security in the parking lots here.  Several places we have been have this same security system.

Security guard in the parking lot at Walmart
Some of you may wonder why we go to Walmart so often . . . they usually have good prices on groceries, but if we don't go to a Super Walmart the selection, especially produce. isn't that great.  I am hoping to find another store, but it seems we go to the office and then home each day.  The other store that is on every corner here is Walgreen's. 

We are looking forward to this next week and spending time with Patti, Eric and Riessa.  They will arrive Sunday night.  

We have interviewed 13 interesting members this week.  Their stories are fantastic and their testimonies are strong.  I am able tot read the signs that are in Spanish and some of them I can figure out what they say . . . speaking is another story.  (I did forget to take a couple of pictures but hope to get them before we leave Puerto Rico).

One of the young men we interviewed was asked by a missionary companion the following: 
  1.  What are you thinking about?
  2.  Are you lost in the work?
  3. Are my thoughts appropriate to the work?
These questions can be applied to our everyday lives not just as a missionary.  In our jobs, church callings and in our families.

Another quote that was given was: When you turn to God first, God will take care of you.  It is so important to go the Lord first.  He will help us through good times as well as the hard times. Each of us are given trials in our lives.  If we ask He will take our hand and lead us in the ways that will help us through our trials and bless us according to His will.  We need to talk to Him daily in prayer.  He is there to listen.  He is there for us, we just need to ask!

Bishop Ortiz, his wife and son
Juan "Johnny" Berrios
Hector Javier
Hector Javier with his wife and his son
Irma Nieves
Jesus Vargas
Jose Vargas and his friend Miguel
Samuel Marinez
Sandra Feo

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