Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthday Party with Senior Couples and More Interviews

Sunday February 1, 2015

This past week we have been busy with more interviews.  Several of the interviews have been done at the mission office.  We have gone to the Trujillo Alto chapel several times and left after dark.  Our GPS always send us over the toll bridge which is very frustrating.  Today we had a Regional Conference Broadcast and we went to the San Juan Stake Center (Trujillo Alto building).  We had a wonderful interview with the Stake President who is 31 years old and has been serving for 3 years in this calling.  After we left and it was still light.  The GPS was sending us the same way, but i pulled out a 'paper' map and we were able to maneuver our way home in just under 30 minutes.  The other times it has taken us almost an hour to get home and not because of traffic!

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to Caguas.  The drive was beautiful!  We interviewed six people - starting at 10am and finished about 4:30p.  The stories we are hearing of conversions and the testimonies born are so uplifting.  

Friday evening we had dinner at the mission office with the other Senior Couples we work with.  It was Elder Lee and Elder Porter's birthdays this past week so we celebrated with a lasagna dinner with salad, bread and dessert!  After we played a couple of games . . . spoons and catch phrase.  What a wonderful evening!

By Friday we almost have the computer cliches worked out with Salt Lake so we are getting closer to transmitting our interviews back to the Church History Library. 
The Mission Office
Our car - a Chevy Cruze
Birthday dinner for Elders Lee and Porter
Elder & Sister Porter
Sister Heidenreich (mission nurse) & Sister Eakle (her husband was late getting to the dinner)
Elder & Sister Lee
Elder Lee's birthday gift from the Eakles - He is the finance clerk in the mission!
My oven!  And it works!!!
I think I mentioned that I have a stove top in my kitchen but no oven.  Sister Eakle brought this one to me!  

The following are the interviews we did this past week:
Renaldo Inesta
Myrna Agosto
Becky Fraticelli
Jose Moreno
Felix Martinez
Jesus Roario
Miguel & Rosa Rodriguez
Pamela Villarini

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