Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More intersting experiences

Monday February 16, 2015

P-Day again.
Today we went to Old San Juan by way of the ferry from Catano.  It was overcast and kind of dreary.  But we made our way there so Wade could do a little shopping . . . he wanted more shoes!  Because mit was Presiden's Day, there was wall to wall people.  We actually found out that there was a protest going on because the Government wants to teach more equality in the schools.  The majority of the people are against it.
Here are a few of the sites today in Old San Juan . . . most are self explanatory . . .

Cute little girl on the Ferry
Senor Frogs - need I say more
Motorcycle cop (for Eric)
Part of the old wall of the city
Wade waiting patiently for the food he ordered
The pigeons and another bird scavenging for food on the sidewalk
Horse drawn carriage rides
Wade finally talked me into a new purse - so many to choose from!
Wade and his 'gray suede shoes"

 Wednesday February 18, 2015

Our appointments all canceled during the day, so we interviews the administrative assistant in the CES had just happened to her this week.  This is the entry from Wade's Oberservations this week:

Sister A is indeed an extraordinary person. She told me there was a miracle going on in her life as we speak.
She submitted her DNA to a Family History organization and a German lady had done the same and they found out they were related—third cousins.  The German lady is not a member of the Church but came to Puerto Rico to meet her and see if they could determine who this relative was. The German lady had no name. She only knew that he was in the 65th regiment in Germany in 1943.

This German lady has Puerto Rican blood and this regiment was a Puerto Rican regiment because the US separated them at this time. Sister A is very skilled in using all the Church Family History tools so they looked up this time period and the ancestors of Sister A.   The lady did know his age and they were able to discover the name of this common ancestor. And Sister A found 65 additional relatives that she and this lady have in common, which she can do their work in the temple.

This discovery of relatives just happened yesterday. The lady is touring Puerto Rico and they will meet again on Friday before she leaves and has invited Sister A to come to Germany and Spain to search relatives. This is all on going as we speak.  When this lady comes back next week I have asked to meet her. 

We had another appointment in the evening in Toa Baja which is about 20-30 minutes away.  The man we were to intervbiew had a meeting and canceled as well.  Wade gets discouraged and frusterated by the lack of people keeping appointments.  We are going to Mayaguez on Saturday to do interviews.  We hope we will have 5.  The Stake President is setting them up so we will see how that goes.  It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive each way from where we live.

With the canceled appointments it has given me time to catch up!  When we got home, I looked out on the patio.  I could hear all the Coqui frogs and was hoping to get a glimpse of one.  But instead I found this guy just sitting there.

Thursday February 19, 2015 

We visited a husband and wife at their home this morning for an interview.  Their home was beautiful - the walls are painted white with the white tile floors with windows across the front of the house. It seemed so open and airy and very clean.

Today the sky is a beautiful color of blue with some wispy clouds floating and a light breeze.  A beautiful day here in Puerto Rico!

Saturday February 21, 2015

Today we drove to Aguadilla to do the interviews for the Mayaguez Stake.  Sister Eakle, one of the other senior sisters went with us.  She is in charge of the apartments and needed to take a couple of things to the elders there.  
Sister Eakle climbing the stairs to the elders' apartment
Elders apartment - kitchen
Elders apartment- living room/study room
Elders getting the bed and refrigerator out of the truck to take up the stairs
 Pretty creative flower pot don't you think
 The elders had just moved in the day before and still didn't have electricity.  But they were happy with what they did have.  I bought them all donuts from the shoppe next door and they were happy.

This was on the drive to Aguadilla (out the window of course)
 After  going to the store to pick up items, Sister Eakle and I got the elders set, we decided to go visit a local beach while Elder Jewkes was interviewing. Most of the interviews were in Spanish.  We drove to Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla.  It was overcast and because it has been raining the past couple of days, the sea was rough with some very large waves.  I loved watching them though even if it was for only about an hour! 

Church in Aguadilla
Crash Boat Beach
Crash Boat Beach
A house being built on the cliff above the beach
The rough sea
Can you see those waves way out there?
It was awesome to watch!
More waves

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