Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Visitors continued . . .

February 11 2015

Today was the day for the beach.  At church last Sunday we met a family who live at Dorado.  This is a resort where many Americans have homes.  They invited us to come and enjoy a "5 star resort" at no cost to us.  It was beautiful  We almost had the place to ourselves.
The beach
The swimming pool
Wade enjoyed the shade
Making a sand castle
Sand Castle in the making - I think Eric was having more fun with it than Riessa!
The little fish - she loved the beach!
She was pretending to be a doggy in the water
Eric and Patti are getting serious about this sand castle!
More beach
Another shot of the pool

Thursday February 12 2015

We took the kids to the airport for an early morning flight.  So glad that they made it on the flight . . . Standby can sometimes be frustrating . . .
And then they were gone!
Then it was back to work for us.  We had a great break but are ready to get more interviews done and get the administrative stuff completed.

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