Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We arrived . . . .

We arrived at the MTC yesterday March 7th. We were met by a nice man who directed us to drive around to the building where we are staying. When we got there, we were greeted by 4 young missionaries who unloaded our luggage and carried it to our room . . . what service! We left our stuff in our room and were off to orientation after parking our car way out in the parking lot in the boonies . . . Wade went out to get my coat when it started to snow . . .luckily we only got an inch or two here.

We are among 24 couples who will be serving in various areas. Of those 24 couple there are only 5 couples leaving the United States - Fiji, Mexico, Germany, Guatemala, and the Philippines. Of those 5 couples, 3 will be serving a Temple Mission. We really thought there would be more couples serving outside of the US.

Today we spent all day in classes learning about Preach My Gospel. The teachers we have a fantastic - young returned missionaries with lots of gusto for the work! Tonight we had a Devotional with Elder Kent F Richards from the Seventy. We sang Called to Serve yesterday in our first orientation meeting and then again tonight at the Devotional. It still makes me cry! Maybe I will overcome that while we spend the next 18 months serving our Heavenly Father.

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