Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another day at the MTC

Day #4 is almost over here at the MTC in Provo Ut.

We have been learning the lessons in Preach My Gospel. Today we were to teach the Plan of Salvation. When we did this activity yesterday, I was able to do it, but I didn't like it. The lady we taught was very nice, but I had a hard time feeling good about the whole thing. Today I felt much differently about my experience. I'm not sure if it was because I felt more prepared or because I had done this yesterday and had more of a clue of what to expect. I was able to explain the scriptures that we used to go along with our lesson. When we got ready to end our visit, I 'invited' this person to be baptized and she said that she would if we could teach her a little more. As I said in my last post, the 'investigators' that we teach are really members of the church who come in to 'role play the part' so that we can practice and feel more comfortable in our role as missionaries. I felt much more confident in what I was doing and I think I can do my part in teaching our Heavenly Father's children in the Philippines. Because we are assigned to work in the mission office, I'm not sure how much of a chance we will have to teach, but I'm sure we'll have some opportunities.

We also visited with our new Mission President again today at lunch. He is going to be fun to work with. I am excited to meet his wife as well.

We are looking forward to going home this weekend to complete our packing. We will come back to the MTC on Monday morning for office training. We will be here again for 3 1/2 days, leaving Thursday afternoon to go home and get all of our bags and have the boys take us to the airport for our long flight to the Philippines. We will fly from Salt Lake to San Francisco. Then on to Hong Kong and then on to Manila. We will arrive Saturday morning. I am still a little nervous about the 'change' that we will be expereinceing, but I am so excited to get there and begin this new adventure in our lives!

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  1. Connie, so glad to find your blog! Thanks for the posts about the MTC. I loved reading them. I could tell a difference in you just from you being at my house for a few minutes yesterday. You are going to be an awesome missionary. Keep posting and we will keep praying for you and Wade.