Sunday, March 6, 2011

A New Name

Well today I received a new name that I am to use over the next 18 months. I am now officially Sister Jewkes. Wade, I mean Elder Jewkes, were set apart as full time missionaries tonight by our Stake President. We enter the MTC in Provo tomorrow morning.

Wade's mother was there to support us as well as Jody & Cindy Davis - my sister and her husband. Both of our boys were there as well. What a wonderful experience!

Now to finish packing for the MTC. We will be there Monday - Friday and come home next weekend. Then we will return to the MTC Monday - Thursday afternoon. We will come back home and get our other bags and the boys will take us to the airport to leave for the Philippines.
We will fly from Salt Lake to San Francisco with a 2-3 hour lay over. Then a 14 hour flight from San Francisco to Taiwan. A short lay over and then 2 more hours to Manila. We leave here on the 17th of March and arrive in Manila on Saturday March 19th. We will stay in Manila Saturday and Sunday nights in a nice hotel to rest up. It is next to a large mall. We will get driver's licenses on Monday morning and then on to Angeles. We are excited to meet President and Sister Puzey as well as the McHarry's who we will be replacing.

This next few weeks will be the start of a great new adventure in our lives!!


  1. Sister Jewkes, I am so excited for you. The work you will do with your sweet companion will be some of the most significant work you will ever do in your lives. There is no doubt whatsoever that you will serve the people of the Phillipines in a way that only you can, and because of that you will do great work that nobody but you COULD do. We will pray for you throughout your mission.



  2. Well Sis. Jewkes, I'm SOOOOO excited for you! Can't wait to see all of the pictures and hear of your escapades! YAY!!

  3. Hello Elder and Sister Jewkes! I'm anxiously awaiting a new posting from you. You're probably too busy at the MTC and don't have a way to blog while there, so I guess I'll just have to be patient. We're praying for you. I'm so happy for your new calling and new adventures. Love You -- Linda