Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things were going too well . . .

I have been getting my clothes and things ready to put into suitcases for the long journey to the Philippines. Things have been going pretty well . . . . until . . . .

I went down to the furnace room to get something out. Water was on the floor. The last time this happened I found about 1 inch of water all over the floor and into the next room's carpet. I had turned the outside water on and there was a major leak in the pipe . . . water going all over! This time there wasn't as much water. It is coming from the water heater. Wouldn't you know it . . . two days before we go to the MTC and we need a new water heater! We are going to 'milk it' along for a couple of days by turning the cold water off unless we are using the hot water upstairs. This is on the advice of our good friend who is a retired plumber! Luckily I have the best handyman around . . . my youngest brother. He is going to come over and put a new water heater in this week. (Thank heaven for little brothers!!)

Now if we can get out of here without any other repair problems we will be happy!!


  1. Be thankful that this happened BEFORE you left:) sorry,, Remember how clever Satan is when you are trying to do good things he is there to bug. :) love ya and good luck,, We want to call you on Sunday with skype if you are available

  2. YIKES...just what you needed! I hope things go smoothly over the next few days. Travel safely! (You'll just be down the hill from me!)