Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One more day . . .

Today we spent most of the day learning how to do different office functions on the computer. Several of these are done in MS Word and few others in programs that the church has. We learned how to do a newsletter in Word and we did a lot of practicing today. The room the computers are in was so hot today. It was hard to stay awake! I wonder if this is what I will experience next week in the Philippines?

We will be finishing up in our class about noon, eat lunch, pack the car and head home to get the rest of our luggage. Then it will be off to the airport for a very long flight. We have been planning to have our boys take us to the airport and say goodbye, but we have had a wrench thrown into this scenario. Anyone who knows by boys, including my husband, knows that BYU games are very important and you don't want to miss anything. Well, BYU is playing in the NCAA tournament tomorrow at the time we need to go to the airport. So I guess we will be sitting in the Salt lake Airport longer than we would like to . . . the price we pay for sports at our house!

I finally learned how to add pictures (thanks to my sister in law Heather). The following are from our time here at the MTC. Enjoy!

We finally got here. Wade pulling his bag into our room with the 'thumbs up'.

This is the bed in our room . . not much of a room, but we were in classes all day.
At night we were so tired we would go back to our room and crash!

Pointing to the Philippines on the world map. This is our mission.

This is our MTC training group. 24 couples and 2 single sisters.

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  1. Love the pics! Sorry I couldn't help you figure out how to add them. Make dad take some of the pictures so you can post some of you. Miss you already! Love you, P