Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Surprise

Today we had a big surprise. While getting our lunch trays, a brother was putting his tray down on the table where Wade had just put his down. He asked Wade where he was going on his mission. Wade told him the Philippines and he said he was too. Wade looked at his name tag and it said President Martino. Wade said oh you are our new mission president. Yes it was President David Martino who will begin his service as a Mission President the first of July. We sat and visited during lunch finding out a little more about each other. President Martino wanted to learn the Tagalog language and so he is here this week taking the language classes. The mission is an English speaking mission, but because he will be in meetings with people who may only speak Tagalog he wanted to learn enough of the language so he can communicate. He is a wonderful person who is currently a councilor in the Texas Dallas North Mission presidency. We were so surprised, but excited to meet him and we are looking forward to working with him in the mission field.

We have been studying Preach My Gospel and today we taught a lesson to an investigator. This person is actually a member of the church who comes into the MTC to play the role of an investigator so that we can practice what we are learning. Wade told me I did a great job, but this is something I really don't like to do. It is amazing at how all of the other Elders and Sisters are so encouraging to each other. I told them I can do it, I just don't like to. Wade is being very patient with me and helping me to feel more comfortable in these situations. I told him that this is why we will be working in the mission office though. Our teachers are fantastic, so patient, kind and helpful!

We are both finding that we are so tired at the end of the day . . . classes are over by 4:30 each day! We go back to our room, rest for a few minutes and then go to dinner in the cafeteria. The food has been good . . we can't complain . . . and I don't have to fix it and clean up after! On Wednesdays, they serve ice cream from the BYU Creamery. It is so creamy and good with various flavors to choose from. Wade had caramel cashew tonight. This is a favorite of his and you can't find it in the stores anymore.

Tonight we will study a little more and then try to get some much needed sleep!

One more surprise for us today . . . Charlie, my youngest son, had an interview for a job in Southern California last week. Today he received a job offer from the company. He is excited about this prospect even though it will mean him moving to Southern California. We feel that this will be a great opportunity for him to grow. We can see that the Lord is already sending blessings to our family. We are so grateful to Him!

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