Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A day in the office . . .

This has been an interesting week in the office so far.

Last week when we got here, the mission president told us that the mission office runs like a train that is speeding down the track. It needs to keep moving forward and not stop and start. So our job is to keep it moving and not slow it down.

Since the couple that was training us last week went home on Saturday, we are trying to remember all that they taught us . . . I think our brains are just running on overload or we are just too old to remember so much! Both Wade & I have run into roadblocks this week trying to remember where something is located in the computer or what needs to go where.

I am responsible to enter all of the baptismal records for the convert baptisms in our mission. Now I have worked with doctors before and I must say I am pretty good at deciphering their handwriting. But some of the missionaries have them beat! The biggest problem is that they write so small I have to get a magnifying glass to see the print and that is with my bifocals on! Today I was doing a little better and getting more of the stack entered. They are supposed to be entered in the month that the ordinace took place . . . I need to hurry since I still have a stack of about 25 that need to get done for March!! Oh yes, we also had a 'brown out' right in the middle of me entering a record . . . had to start over with that one. :) It only lasted about 15-20 minutes this time.

Another responsibility that I have is to enter Temple Recommends into the system. They are pretty easy to do, but I spent Monday & Tuesday trying to remember how to get into the church system so I could enter them I called the area office and finally Tuesday afternoon they gave me the number to another mission in the area. I called and spoke to a nice Elder from Nevada who was able to help me with that little problem.

My next problem is to get the mail merge to work correctly. There is some way to get it updated when new missionaries are put into the iMOS system (this is the church system that we use), but I don't remember being shown how to do that one. Wade has a person from the area office coming tomorrow to help him with some of the finance stuff he does . . . I hope he can help me as well!

This evening we went for a walk at the park. It is at least a mile around the perimeter. I only did half of it, but ran some of it. Wade did the whole thing. Boy am I out of shape!!! It felt good to get outside. You can smell some of the flowers that are blooming now - they smell so sweet. There is one flower in bloom right now that they use in Hawaii to make leis. There are some Vanda orchids that are growing on a tree on the property. They smell so good! There are flowers blooming everywhere right now. It is beautiful!! The trees are green and there are some areas here on base that remind me of the trees in Georgia!

Well, tomorrow is another day . . . .

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