Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day . . .

February 14th.

After a day of working in the office, Wade took me to the "C" Italian Restaurant for dinner.  We enjoyed the evening with President & Sister Martino.  It was a wonderful evening with fabulous food and great company!!

I think that maybe it was to make up for not taking me to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta that takes place on Clark Air base every February.  I had seen an ad for the Balloon Fiesta in one of the brochures that we got when we first arrived in the Philippines.  It is a pretty big thing here.  People come from all over the Philippines to witness it.  I had asked him if we could go on Saturday morning since we had a meeting in Tarlac on Friday. I woke up early, but he wanted to do some writing . . . so we didn't go.  I guess I will have to go visit my nieces in Albuquerque for their big Balloon Festival when we get back. 

Sunday, it took us almost an hour to get to church because of all of the traffic.  (It usually takes us about 20-30 minutes.)  We saw many of the trucks pulling the balloon baskets back to Clark.  It was interesting to see all of the hype . . . but the balloons in the sky will just have to be a dream for now.
Balloons that we saw from the road
One of the planes from the show that we saw coming home from church on Sunday
Billboard advertising the Balloon Fiesta - that is the Clark Air Base airport in the background

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