Friday, March 9, 2012

February Transfers . . .

February 22, 2012

It is amazing to me at how fast 6 weeks can pass in the mission field.  We sent home some great missionaries who are missed!
back row: Elders Murano, Venance, Au, Deppermann and Strong front row Sisters DeGracia,  DeCato, Sister & Elder McCary, Sisters Briggs and Moran

  This time we sent home two of the Assistants that we have worked with in the office. . . . we are so lucky to work with these young Elders and get to know them . . . . we miss them!
Elder Deppermann from Illinois
Elder Strong from Idaho
Sister Briggs (Idaho)  and Sister DeCato (Utah)
Sister DeGracia and Sister Moran from the Philippines
                     We also are missing our good friends the McCarys.                              We hope to see them back . . . .
Elder & Sister Jewkes and Sister and Elder McCary (Georgia)
 AND then we get more missionaries!! 
Elder Pioquinto helping missionaries bring in their luggage . . .
        Retiring their suite coats . . . to hot for those here.  They will stay safe in the mission office until it is time to go home in 2 years!!

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