Sunday, March 11, 2012

Orchids, Dogs on Bikes and more . . .

February 2012

Here are some random pictures taken the end of February . . . 

This little girl was trying to pedal this bike and side cart. 
All of the kids hold their hands like this when you take a picture . . . it means I am handsome or cute!!
Another shy little boy ~ Can you tell I love these kids??
Our newest orchids.
I think this is the first year this pl ant has bloomed.
Jose and his prize orchids. 
We went to visit our friend Marissa and her family.  She was riding her bike with her dog . . .
The dog just sits on the back fender and rides ., . .
He is happy for the ride and doesn't even try to jump off!
Wade with his Dr. Pepper ~ Jose tries to find them when he goes out shopping.

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