Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Visit from Patti . . .

February 29, 2012

Patti came for another visit.  (We sure like that her job allows her to fly to visit us almost at a moments notice . . . you gotta love working for the airlines!)  We were so excited to see her again!!  

Our friend Ronnie drove us to Manila to pick her up. Once you get to the airport, you have to wait in a waiting area across the street from where the arriving passengers come out.  It is so noisy so you can't really call out to the person you are waiting for and guards stop you from going to help them with their luggage! Patti was standing next to a person who saw me waving my arms otherwise, I am not sure how long she would have been staring looking for us.  We couldn't get up close to the fence so she could see us.
This is where you wait for the arriving people at the airport.  This was at 11pm!
We went on a couples retreat on Friday and Saturday and she was able to go with us!  (I will write about that on another posting.)
Sunday when we went to church, 'Auntie Patti" (as Ronnie named her) took charge of little Ron Issac, whose nickname is Aki,  for the 3 hours we were at church.  She held him and he slept.  He is so sweet!!
Patti and Aki
Granny Connie (as Ronnie calls me) with little Aki
Aki with his mom Christy.  Look at those bright eyes and the fingers he has found to suck on!!
On Monday we went shopping for some fabric with Sister Martino and Sister Carol Guiwan.
Shopping for fabric
We stopped at a market on the way back home.  They were selling Okay so Sister Martino bought some for all of us to try. Sister Guiwan was with us and told us it was good . . .
Sister Martino bought one for us all to try
Patti trying this Filipino food - yummy!
My turn and it was good!!  It had shrimp on top of it.  You dip it in vinegar.  You can see Sister Guiwan watching us try a native food!

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