Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's a Bug's Life . . .

March 7, 2012

Wade and I went to Manila to visits the eye doctor to see about getting the cataract in my right eye taken care of.  It had gotten a lot worse since we came to the Philippines.  When I went to my eye doctor back home, he said I didn't need surgery, but now I can barely see the print on baptism records that I need to enter into the computer each week. 

We drove to the MRC (Medical Recovery Center).  We met Elder and Sister Fleming who took us to my appointment. (Driving in Manila is crazy!)  We set up the surgery for Thursday morning.  (Patti was with us and left early on Thursday to return home.)  

The Flemings were wonderful.  Wednesday afternoon. they drove us past the house that Imelda Marcos lived in . . . it is beautiful and the gates probably cost more than my house back home!!!   
One of the gates to the Marcos home in Quezon City
The home where Imelda Marcos lived in Quezon City
Wednesday evening we attended the New Manila MTC open house.  It is a beautiful facility and they can now accommodate more missionaries.

The next morning early we headed to the Global St. Luke's Hospital in Manila for my surgery.  Yes, I was very nervous, but the doctor was very professional and the facility was beautiful, new and very clean!
Thursday evening after my surgery . . . note the goggles I have on, thus it's a bug's life comment! I have to wear them to bed every night so I don't bump my eye.

Friday morning, we went back to see Dr. Laxamana for a check before we headed back to Angeles.
Dr. Laxamana, me, Elder Jewkes and Sister Fleming in his office
Our room at the MRC
Dining room at he MRC
Kitchen at the MRC
 This sister missionary is from Nepal.  The elder is from the Philippines.  We had a fun evening!
Playing Dominoes with the other missionaries
Wade, me and Divine - she is the cook and housekeeper at the MRC
Wade & I with Sister and Elder Fleming before we left to go home.
Wade in front of the mission van.  The driveway was very narrow!!
 This billboard made me laugh.  I hope you can read it (this picture was taken from the car).
It says:  'The family that Facebooks together stays together"
 I will have my other eye done in April.  It will nice to really see clearly again.  When I went back last week for my check up my vision was 20/20 in my right eye!!!  No more glasses for now!  Success!!!

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  1. So I read the billboard & am wondering if I am still in the family b/c I don't facebook!!