Saturday, February 11, 2012

Relief Society Project . . .

This afternoon the Angeles Ward held an Relief Society activity.  We made baby blankets to give to one of the hospitals here is Angeles.  

We met in the kitchen because the Young Women and the Primary were having activities at the same time.  We used flannel, mur a little hood on ti and then hemmed around the edges.  Sister Briones brought her sewing   machine, but they didn't want her to sew all of the blankets.  She sewed the hoods on the blankets and then we hemmed the rest of it by hand . . .
Sister Briones (Stake President's wife) and Sister Mae Villanueva (Relief Society President)

Sisters sewing blankets in the kitchen
Another sister hemming a blanket
Sister Mae holding a finished blanket . . . the hooded part is in her hand
 What a great serve project and wonderful company to boot!!

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