Sunday, February 5, 2012

Manila Temple Trip . .

Manila Temple January 28, 2012
On January 28th, we had the privilege of taking a group of eight missionaries to the temple.  Normally, missionaries go to the temple after their departing testimony the day before they fly out of Manila. This group of missionaries depart the mission the middle of February when the temple will be closed.  The mission president made special arrangements with the Area Presidency so these missionaries will be able to attend the temple before completing their mission.

The 8 missionaries stayed at the mission home on Friday evening.  We piled into the van at 5:30am and drove to Manila ~ about a 2 hour drive.   
They were all excited for this experience!
Sunrise on our way to Manila
It was a wonderful experience as I sat in the Celestial Room and watched as each missionary came in.  The expression on each of their faces was so sweet and you could see how special this experience was for them.  You could feel a special spirit as each entered the room.        
Elders Au, Strong, Venance, Murano & Deppermann; Sisters Moron, Briggs & DeCato
It was a special experience for us to spend the time with these great missionaries.   
Elder & Sister Jewkes with the missionaries in front of the temple
On they way home many of them said how they wonted to make temple attendance a part of their life when they go home.  each of the missionaries going home this time live within about 1 - 1 1/2 hours of a temple.

We stopped for lunch on the way back and then got each missionary back to their companions so they could go back to work.
Most of the missionaries were catching up on sleep on the way back from the temple. 
What a great group of missionaries!!!

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  1. Love the updates! Thanks Connie. What a wonderful service you and Wade are doing. Enjoy!