Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blossoms . . .

Yesterday I went outside of the office for a few minutes to soak in a little sun.  I was looking at the pineapples that are growing again ( there are about 5 or 6 right now) and I notice a yellow flower on the papaya tree.  I have seen many green papaya on the trees in the back yard but never a blossom.  On this tree, there were blossoms and papaya growing.  They are beautiful and the smell so good!   We also have two new banana blossoms and bananas that will be ready to eat in March . . . yummy!  So I will share some picture with all of you . . .
Papaya Tree with new papaya and blossoms.   Notice the blossoms are at the top of the tree
A closer view of the blossoms and the papaya already growing
Notice the blossoms about half way up the trunk of the tree
Close up of the blossom ~ can you see the baby papaya?? ( This photo is for my friend Selma!)

One of the purple banana blossoms
Another banana blossom.  The bananas grow above the blossom. 
These bananas will be about 5 inches long.  There will be 7 bunches of bananas on this one. .  There are so many different varieties here! I can hardly wait until March. 

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