Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 2012 - Random Pictures . . .

Random pictures taken in January . . . .
On our way to Manila - one of the signs on the expressway
Met these girls at the temple.  They are serving in the Manila mission. The one on the left and second from right are from the India New Delhi Mission.  The second from left and middle sister are from Pakistan and the one on the far right is from the Philippines
A tricycle being used to transport plywood.
The city of Moncada is getting ready for a Fiesta
Another city getting ready for a Fiesta or celebration of some sort.
They tie plastic strips, most likely from plastic bags cut into strips, to a wire and then hang the wires across the road.  This is a very common practice in the barangays here when ever there is a celebration.  They sometimes will use the colors of their barnagay.  These were made with a silver metallic material.
For my son-in-law Ryan ~ This is what the power lines look like all over the city . . .
Jose in his new non prescription glasses
This little boy was pushing this cart, but when we stopped to take the picture he turned to look at me.All of the Filipinos love to have their picture taken - even the little ones!!
Working in the rice fields - they are green and beautiful!
One of the old Cathedrals in the smaller towns - when we are driving, it is sometimes hard to get good pictures - sorry . . .
Landry day - tub to wash clothes along with the scrubbing board
Doing laundry for the Elders
Sunrise in the Philippines - we were on our way to Cabanatuan for a meeting
Frances and her brother Ron Spencer at her baptism

Francis Cedello ~ baptism day

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