Friday, July 1, 2011

SURPRISE! They Finally Arrived . . . . .

This morning the delivery man brought me
another package from the distribution center. I was so excited to get the other items that I had ordered.
When Elder Jewkes left to go to the post office, I just figured it would be like any other day no packages or letters . . . but I was way surprised when he walked in with a slight smile, and he said, 'Sister Jewkes got two packages today'! I jumped off my chair to get them. It was like Christmas!! They sent me some candy, Ranch dressing and dip mixes, some taco mixes and Patti sent a photo album with our family pictures that were taken right before we left. Andrea sent some cards and letters from her and the kids. Those things that you really miss! I am anxious to get a frame to put our family picture in so I can hang it on the wall!!
One from Andrea & one from Patti! Here are the postmarked dates on them . . .
Patti's from Georgia
Andrea's from Colorado
They took almost a month to get here!!!
Welcome to the Philippines! *smile*
(And a big THANK YOU to my girls!!)

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