Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Hills are Alive . . . .

Beyond the wall surrounding the old Clark Air base here in the Philippines where we live, are some beautiful green covered hills. I have longed to go see 'what is out there'. On Saturday, July 16th, Wade asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to take the road that we have passed many times and see what was in tree covered hills. So we hoped in the car and off we went.
We first crossed the river and then started winding down a road lined with green orchards and rice fields.
The grass was so tall, you could hardly see what was behind it. But I didn't
want to get out and walk through it . . three just might be snakes!!
We started up a road until it turned into a dirt road.
We turned around and started back down.
I saw this cute family on the side of the road under some trees . . . The mother said they lived down in the trees but I couldn't see a home down there.
We found this grove of bamboo trees along the road way as well.
Wade was excited to see the bamboo
We saw a carabau (water buffalo) taking a rest in the mud.A mama goat was feeding her kids.Another carabau eating the bark from a tree.We also met this cute mom and her two boys.
Actually the oldest one was waving at us so I asked if I could take some pictures.

They were showing me their house
and their outdoor kitchen (typical of most of the homes in the country) Then I saw a shed and asked what it was.They told me they had pigs - 9 of them.
So they helped me down so I could see them.
Aren't they cute little pigs? And they didn't even stink!!We came upon 4 guys going home from work.
Their attire was interesting, but I really liked
the basket that one of them was carrying . . .

It was so beautiful and green up in the hills.

There were different types of houses,
from shacks . . . .
to a very large home in a grove a trees.
We found the local Catholic church - very old.
More cute little kids along the road . . . aren't they cute!
Our trip down that road turned into a interesting afternoon of finding that
the hills really are alive. I hope we can take that drive again someday . . .

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