Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shall We Gather at the River . . .

On Saturday July 2nd, we went to the town of Burgos to witness four men being baptized in the river nearby. It was a beautiful day for the drive. We called and picked up the zone leaders in Tarlac so they could show us the way to Burgos. It was fun to visit with them and get to know them a little better.

This little branch meets in this building.
This is Sister Nanay Presca. She is 80+ years old.
A active member in this little branch and so sweet! She even spoke some English!
We had a short meeting with songs and talks about baptism at the church and then we all traveled a couple of mile to the river where the baptisms took place. There was our car with 4 Elders and one of the baptismal candidates and then 2 tricycles with the rest of the people who attended.
We parked the cars and walked up a small hill and then down to the river. What a beautiful setting for a baptism.Before the ordinances took place, the Branch President and a couple of the older women washed his laundry in the river. . . . that was a new one for me. The little kids were all jumping in splashing and swimming. Then we had the baptisms of these 4 men. Elder Leishman is on the left.
It reminded me of our Savior being baptized in the river Jordan long ago.
Branch members attending the baptism ~ they were all in 2 tricycles!
Singing before a talk was given on the Holy Ghost and then we returned to our cars.It was a beautiful day for a baptism after all the rain we have been having. And a great day to Gather at the River . . . .

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