Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stolen Bananas . . . .

There are some of you out there that have been following the bananas from the blossom to the end . . . Last week I had my grand kids on Skype and I took my computer out into the yard to show them the bananas growing on the tree. To my amazement, they were gone! So I walked around the house to show them the pineapples that were growing were just about ready to picked. They were gone too! I felt bad that they couldn't see them.

That afternoon, Sister Martino and I were talking about the fruit in our yard and I told her the bananas and pineapples were gone. So we went to Jose (our security guard). He said that someone stole them. I could not believe it since he is supposed to be guarding the property here at night. Then in Jose's way, he started laughing and said that they were stolen by him! Because of all the rain, he said he cut them so they wouldn't go bad.

The Thief with his haul . . .
Jose & Sister Martino with the bananas Bunch of bananas See the little babies at the bottom of the stem??Nothing like eating fresh bananas from the tree!!
Jose also gave each of us a fresh pineapple!

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