Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunshine and rain

I guess that the beautiful day we had today was so that the 11 missionaries going home would have beautiful memories of their mission here in the Philippines.

It is so fun to watch these missionaries as they prepare to go home.

They are so excited, but always want to stay just a little longer.
In fact today, they left in the green van and I got a call.

The two elders from the US had left their suit jackets at the mission office. When the Elders come from outside of the Philippines, they have to wear their suits. But it is so hot here, that when they arrive, we take their jackets and hang them up until their 2 years have passed and they are going back home. We had given both of these Elders their coats yesterday when they got to the mission office, but they had hung them back up because they didn't want to wear them yesterday. Luckily, they hadn't even got off the base before they realized they had left them and they came back for them

After we finished at the office today, we decided to drive down to the Mall (just to get out). The sky almost looked dusty or smokey and had some white clouds. After grabbing a Krispy Kreme at the mall, we came home and decided to sit back and find a movie on TV to watch. (Yes, as senior couples we can watch TV.) All of a sudden we could hear the rain outside pounding on the house. Most of the buildings here have metal roofs, so the rain can be really loud. Especially when the drops are huge like tonight! (The last time I saw it rain this hard, with the big raindrops, was several years ago in Georgia when the street looked like a river for about 5 minutes. Then it stopped!) It has rained a couple of times here, but it usually stops after a couple of minutes. Tonight it rained steady and constant for about 20-30 minutes. Here are some pictures of the water running down the road - it was dark.

These two pictures are taken next to the office side of the building. You can see how much water is running off to the driveway and on down the street.

The light in the background is the house across the street.
The water is running down the driveway into the street.

This is next to our carport. We are told that during the rainy season that the water will come up over this cement and under out car.

So today, We had sunshine and rain . . . . I guess it makes up for all the snow we are missing back home . . .

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