Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a Miracle . . .

The church has been celebrating 50 years of missionary work in the Philippines. The first weekend of May, a large Jubilee Celebration took place in Manila and was broadcast to all of the Philippines. We also had an Area Conference that weekend. Last weekend (May 14th) each stake put on their own Jubilee Celebration. We attended the one put on by the youth of the Angeles Stake.
Jubilee CelebrationIt was held on the parking lot/basketball court at the stake center. The youth preformed songs and dances from their region of the Philippines showing the culture of the people in that area. Angeles is in the state of Pampanga.
Here are a few of the pictures from the big event.

The Youth Choir
The Masters of CeremonyThe Costumes were beautiful
The boys 'stick' dance
The mud pot dance. All of the girls carry various sizes of pots on their heads
Then another dancer helps to stack them and lift them onto her head.
More beautiful costumes
Notice the dancers feet
This dance represented the planting and harvest.
This dance was fun to watch.
As some of the dancers moved the poles on the ground a couple would dance
between the poles. It got faster as they went.

The final number
I hope you noticed the sky in these pictures.
Here is the miracle I am writing about. Wade & I had gone to San Fernando, about 30 minutes from the Stake Center to go to a Burger King (that's right there is one here). As we were driving to the stake center, we could see that a big storm was coming up - the wind was blowing and we were getting just a little rain as we drove. We got to the stake center and the wind was blowing pretty hard. In the opening prayer, the Lord was asked for good weather so that this presentation could be preformed. (We found out later that the Stake President as well as many others had offered personal prayers as well). The program was preformed as the weather calmed down.

As we drove home, we drove down a road that looked like a pipe had burst - water was running down the road like a river. This was only about a half mile from the church. As we drove further down the road, we could tell that it had been raining - hard! When we got onto Clark, we saw a couple of trees that had been uprooted from the wind. Heavenly Father spared the chapel from being rained on. A lot of work had been put into the Jubilee Celebration!

We experienced a miracle Saturday evening!!!

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