Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not feeling well in the Philippines . . .

The Tuesday after Mother's Day, I woke up with a sick tummy. I didn't think it was all that bad, but after going into the office for a few minutes, I went home and laid down thinking I would feel better, especially after drinking some Coke (it always settles a tummy down, right?). Well about 10:30a the lady who cleans for the President came down with my purchases from the market. (She picks up meat for me since she goes early in the morning and she knows who to buy from.) When she could see that I wasn't doing so well, she put everything away for me . . . she is so sweet! Anyway, I laid back down and finally woke up around 5 when Wade came home. It really wiped me out! I hate being sick and I never take time to rest to get over anything! So Wade knew that I wasn't feeling well. Wade went to McDonald's and brought home some dinner - I didn't eat but a couple of bites of chicken nuggets. I still wasn't feeling great on Wednesday, but I went back into the office. After work we drove down to the mall.

This is what we saw as we drove home.
The sunsets are beautiful here! The clouds are beautiful at this time of evening as well.

The sun is down by 6-6:30p every night - no daylight savings here!!

I was finally starting to feel somewhat normal by Friday . . . boy I don't want to feel that way anymore! Not sure if I had a flu bug or if I ate something I should not have . . . Welcome to life in the Philippines . . .

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