Monday, May 30, 2011

Horticulture Lesson Update . . .

I had a friend send me a note asking for an up date on the bananas growing in our backyard. In her words "For those non-travelers in the bunch, please post an update." My last update was April 28th. You can look back and see the difference in the pictures.

You can see the 'blossom' at the bottom of the bunch of bananas
These are only about 3 inches long
These are the larger bananas. They should be ready to harvest in about a month.
The stem is much larger in diameter than the baby ones.
They are about 5 inches long.
Here are a couple of the pineapple almost ready to harvest.

And here is a couple of papaya.
I think it is neat how they grow below the leaves on the bare trunk.
The horticulture lesson will continue in about 3-4 weeks . . . maybe we will have one bunch of ripe bananas by the. I hope I can help with the harvest of those . . . .

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