Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Day In Manila . . .

Since March, we have been to Manila about every two to three weeks for follow up visits from my two cataract surgeries.  I decided I would take some various photos of the things we see on our trips to Manila . . . hope you find it interesting!  I do!  And each time we go, the camera is always in my lap.  As you can see,  most of these pictures are taken as we are driving down the expressway.  (I am glad I have a good camera!)  I apologize for some of the ones that are blurry, but I wanted to share the sites with you!!!!
These large piggies are on their way to the market . . .
I loved the bumper on this jeepney
One of the many walking over passes over the expressway
Skyline of one of the towns on our way into Manila
Construction in Makati - one of the wealthiest cities in Manila
Skyline in Makati
S & R is the Filipino version of Costco . . . actually is it owned by Costco!  This right across the street from the Global St. Luke's in Manila where I had my surgery. 
Office buildings and Apartments in Makati
Street vendors in the busy streets
Beggars walking among the cars on the busy streets
He was able to sell some cold water to a passerby
A billboard in Manila - they are 3-4 times the size of the billboards back home
A view of a walking bridge as we drove under it
One of the many SM Malls around the Philippines
Buses and Jeepneys everywhere
A pink bus with flowers
So many different buses . . . which one do I take??
You just can't get way from the buses . . . and you have to watch out so you don't get run over by one!
Following the taxi through the toll booth
The clerk at the toll booth taking our money
This truck that is 'not for hire'

Another billboard advertising Coca Cola
Another building being built
Trikes waiting for passengers ~ some are pedal trikes and some are motorized
Not much traffic at this point in our journey -  very unusual!
Along the expressway - an apartment building in the distance

7-Eleven stores are everywhere ~ This family is just waiting for the bus

A street worker cleaning up the garbage . . . you see this all over here
Interesting architecture

This building is next door - more apartments

Painted walls along the expressway

Traveling under the train that runs through the city - sort of TRAX at home
This man was watching the traffic from one of the walking bridges across the expressway
One lane of the expressway is designated for 'private vehicles and motorsiklo' (motor bikes)
Motor bikes go where ever they want and just weave through the traffic.  You can see the blue lines that are for the designated lane (see above)
This guy just drives his bike between all the cars . . . you have to be on your toes when changing lanes!!
One of the many different license plates
Another license plate
We pass this each time we go to Manila.  It reminds us that we are getting close to our exit!
This little girl was with her brother who washed our window while we waited at the stop light. They just stand in the medium . . . but this is how they earn their money.
Until we go to Manila again . . . 

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