Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baler ~ a Little Bit of Paradise part two . . .

 Day two of our trip to Baler in pictures . . .
The hotel where we stayed
Hotel from the street . . .

Our room from the outside
Having breakfast at the restaurant next to the hotel . . .
The restaurant next to our hotel
We went back down to the ocean before we left . . . we met a couple of men who told us that the movie 'Apocalypse Now was filmed right here.  We were told that they left surf boards behind and the people who lived here took up surfing!

This is typical of the 'stores' in the baragays where the people purchase things
They even make curbside purchases . . . Elder Jewkes had to have his coke!!
Laundry day . . . stuffed animals drying!
Drying fish along the road
Drying fish on the basketball court. 
A house along the road . . .
Fixing Lola's hair  (Lola is the Filipino word for grandmother)
These ladies doing the laundry in the yard . . . by hand!  This s the typical way of doing the laundry.
I think it was also bath day . . .  this is also typical to see little kids with no clothes . . .
Coconut Grove
This is a jeepney or trike stop . . . people wait her for the next one to go by . . .
A water store . . . people come here to purchase clean water that they can drink
Water loaded in the trike

The oldest tree in the Philippines and it is in our mission!!

Inside the web of branches and roots . . . the guy in the red shirt is climbing up the branches
These boys were my 'guides' through the tree.  You weave into the mass of the root system and then go out the other side.
Coming out the other side . . . my 'guides' loved taking my picture!
These boys were cute and called me their 'princess'!  They were like monkeys climbing up the tree . . .
. . .  and hanging in the tree from the hanging roots!
There really was some greenery close to the bottom of the tree
Me and one of my guides . . .
 Now I hope you remember on my last post when I told you about the houses of the Three Little Pigs that we saw on the road to Baler . . . . well, here they are . . . .
A path leading to stairs that are cut into the dirt to get to a home . . .
House of Straw
Another house built of straw
Here is one built with 'sticks' (wood) and straw
Another 'stick' house
A wood house and a brick house next to one another . . . Laundry hanging out.  This is very common.
And the brick home . . .
Another brick home . . . these home are made out of cinder blocks and then they sometimes plaster over them and paint them.
This little girl was taking her bath right along the side of the road.
Or maybe it was a shower!  She was so cute!!
Going back across the one way road across the dam!
We were able to meet some of the good members in Baler as well as experience this little bit of paradise!  We are grateful that we were able to visit this part of our mission!

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