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Charlie & Lizz . . . Engaged!

April 28, 2012

Charlie called to tell us he was getting married to Lizz Fuentes on August 3rd in the Los Angeles Temple.  We are so excited for them.  We have only met Lizz on Skype, but we love her already and I feel like I have known her forever!  Charlie has been dating Lizz since November and we could tell from other phone conversations that he liked her . . . a lot!!

He told us that Lizz loved bridges . .  they bring two sides together.  So he decided to take her to Hoover Dam and propose to her.  They had a date to go to dinner and see Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas.  So he first drove to the dam.  Lizz said she thought it was odd since that would be the prefect place to prose to her, but she didn't have a clue what he had planned.  As they walked out onto the bridge, Charlie stayed behind her.  When they got out on the bridge, he dropped to his knee, handed her the red rose and in Spanish, asked her to marry him!  Everyone around started clapping and offering to take their pictures.  What a fun memory they will have!  Lizz said she was totally surprised since they hadn't even looked at rings.
The Happy Couple!
She said YES!!
At Hoover Dam
 After the eventful afternoon, the went on to have dinner in Las Vegas and see Phantom!
The happy couple in Las Vegas
When Charlie & Lizz first called and let us know of the upcoming wedding plans, I was torn.  They told us that they wanted to get married on August 3rd, but would wait until the end of August if we couldn't come home early from our mission.  I cried!  I went and spoke with Sister Martino and then President Martino.  The president discouraged a long engagement . . but that would mean going home at least a month early.  So I went tot he Lord in prayer and fasting.  I knew that he would let me know what we should do.  The president said that he could arrange for us to go home early, but I didn't want to leave if we didn't have a replacement since we do not have office Elders in our mission.  

By the following evening, I had my answer.  We needed to go home early.  There was a request in for another senior couple to work in the mission office to arrive the middle of August.  But we had just received the paper work for a couple who will be arriving July 16th.  In looking over their paperwork, they had all the skills needed to serve in the office.  The president called them and they accepted this new assignment.  The Lord was showing his tender mercies by opening a door to provide a way for us to leave early.  

We will leave on July 26th to return home.  I am still sad to leave our mission.  I have loved being here in the Philippines.  I love the people.  I love the culture.  I love the work.  I love the missionaries.  I love the new friends that we have made here.  But I know that things are in Heavenly Fathers hands.  He has provided the means and the way for us to be ble to return home for this special occasion in our son's life!

Another tender mercy has taken place as well.  Our second daughter, Patti, sent me and email about the same time that all of the above was taking place.  She wants me to have the time to concentrate on the last few months of our mission and not have to worry about wedding plans.  So she has graciously offered to plan the Open House that will take place in Utah on August 17th.  I cried again when I read her email.  The Lord loves us and is definitely providing the way.

What have I learned from all of this . . . if we have faith and turn to the Lord in fasting and prayer, he will provide a way.  Sometime we have to let the desires of our heart be put in his hands.  I know that He loves me.  I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve this mission with my eternal companion.  It has brought us closer.  We continue to strive to do His will.

So for now, we will finish our mission and join in the celebration of the happy couple.  We will see you all in July or maybe August!
Lizz Fuentes and Charlie Jewkes

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