Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catching up . . .

I am still trying to catch up . . . . . . 

April 3-5, 2012
We had transfers again.  We welcomed a new Assistant to the office.  We now have Elder Leedom and Elder Ilayat in the office.  Elder Jewkes had a hard time remembering Elder Ilayat's name so he calls him Elder Eli.  We love the APs!!
Elder Leedom, Elder Jewkes & Elder Ilayat
April 8, 2012
We celebrated Elder Jewkes' 66 birthday by attending General Conference at the Stake Center.  We get the broadcast a week after the actual General Conference.   As we were waiting for the meeting to begin, two of the Elders came walking up to the building with an investigator ~ a 90 year old man who is blind.  He was excited to listen to the Prophet.  What a sweet man!
Elder Stokes and Elder Sentillias with their blind investigaor
April 12, 2012
I had cataract surgery on my left eye at the Global St. Luke's Hospital in Manila.  Before we headed home on Friday after my check with the doctor, we stopped by the Green Hills Mall to visit my new friend Nora.  She gives me a good deal on pearls and I have loved buying new ones!!  I still can't get over how many little shops there are selling pearls and other jewelry!

Elder Jewkes checking out the shoes . . . again!
Pearls and more . . .
My new friend . . .  Nora
April 17, 2012
We have 5 or six bunches of bananas growing in the back yard.  Sister Guiwan came down to the office to see if I had a sharp knife.  One of the bunches had fallen almost to the ground.  I got her the knife and she went out back to cut the bananas.  When i came out with the camera, she handed me the knife to finish cutting the bananas.  They were sweet and delicious!
Sister Guiwan cutting the bananas
Finishing cutting the bananas from the downed branch
Large bunch of bananas . . .  they were heavy!
Elder Ilayat, Jose (master gardener here at the mission home!) and Elder Leedom

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