Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Stop in Manila . . .

After we went to the temple, we made a quick stop by the World War II Memorial in the heart of Manila before heading back to Angeles.

This cemetery site is the largest administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission in the number of graves and of those Missing whose manes are recorded on the walls of the memorial. What a wonderful tribute to those who have fought for our freedom!!!

Wade relaxing in the Visitors Building . . .You can see the city buildings close by . . . Such a peaceful and beautiful setting . . .
The rows of marble crosses . . .
One of 25 maps - 10-foot high mosaic maps of varying widths are displayed inside four rooms bordering the hemicycle walls. The maps portray important campaigns during World War II in the Pacific.As you walk around the two hemicycle with the names of the 36,286 Missing in Action, the have seals of each state engraved in the floor. Here is the seal of Utah We had a wonderful day in Manila!
And, thank you to our friend, Edward, who took us to Manila!

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