Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jubilee Exhibit . . . .

The Philippines is celebrating 50 years since the commencement of missionary work. They had a big celebration back in April/May -I posted pictures from this earlier in the year. The church now has an exhibit that is being sent up in the various stakes throughout the Philippines to introduce the people to the church and what we believe. This past week it has been int he Angeles Stake Center. The stake members have been there to explain the panels and then we have had missionaries there to talk to those who are interested in learning more. Elder Jewkes and I had the opportunity to be those missionaries on Friday evening . . . unfortunately, we didn't have anyone interested in talking to us further. The people who visited the exhibit were given cards to write their thoughts on and well be contacted and thanked for coming.

We were able to attend the ribbon cutting on Monday. The public Affairs Missionaries couple from Manila was here. Brother and Sister Bird are from Layton UT and arrived int he Philippines about the same time as us. They have been traveling all over the Philippines as this exhibit is set up.

Elder Bird, Sister Briones, President Briones~Angeles Stake President,
the Mayors wife, Sister BirdHere are pictures of the panels . . .
It is hard to read them, but they are done really well in telling about our beliefs!

Building Zion - One heart, one mind
This panel had a picture that sows cars in 1834 . . .
Elder Jewkes got a good laugh from that one . . .Jesus the ChristA Place Where Heaven and Earth Meet
Home Can be Heaven on Earth
The Great Plan of Happiness
Leading as Christ Led
Charity Never Faileth
Building Zion in the Angeles Stake

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