Saturday, October 22, 2011

Provident Living . ..

One of the many things that has interested me here in the Philippines is the gardens that are growing where ever there is a space to grow one. Most people have a garden in their yard if they are not in the larger cities. These wonderful people are living providently and I don't think they even know that they are. They grow the food that they put on their tables each day. Jose, our security guard, grows, pineapple, papaya, bananas and some peppers here at the mission home/office.Most people have chickens as well. But most of them are
roosters for cock fighting (and they are beautiful birds.)We have been counseled for years by our church leader to grow a garden . . . to take care of the needs of our family. I have been growing a vegetable garden in our backyard for years! I love it and miss it!

As we drive around here, I have noticed the different things growing where ever . . . so here is just a sampling of the 'gardens' here . . . I hope to add a few more pictures to this posting in the next little while (if I can get some good pictures from the car windows . . . )

Sugar cane and rice grow everywhereBeans growing right next to the road in a small spaceThis is the back yard of our friends bill and Mercy . . . what a garden they are growing . . .So when we get back home, I look forward to putting that garden in and
following the counsel of the prophets to plant a garden and live providently.

25 October 2011 - I got a couple more pictures so I am adding them to this posting (remember this is a journal of sorts!)

This is a stand where they sell something
(could be food, or a place to change a flat tire)
along side of the road . . .these are everywhere.
Notice the garden off to the left of the 'building'.
This open space is used as what looks like a community garden. They plant several different kinds of vegetables - and a lot of onions. Today I saw a guy watering his crop with two watering cans under each arm. These people can find a way to do anything! Also notice the tree stump? This tree was blown over in the typhoons!I have watched this place for about a month now. There used to be tall grass growing around this place . . . another place where you can buy things along the roadway. They started by clearing the tall grass and then planting . . .
You can see that the plants are starting to get bigger . . .
and the bugs haven't gotten to them yet.
This is the man that runs the 'store' type shop here. I told him I had been watching his garden and he got a big smile. The people are all so friendly and happy - no matter what their circumstances are!!!
(This is on the other side of the building from the previous picture.)

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