Friday, October 28, 2011

The Roberts Arrived . . .

Elder and Sister Roberts arrived yesterday at the mission home.It was so fun to meet them. I feel like I have known them for a long time! The mission president gave us the assignment to take them to their new area, Camiling, which is about 2 - 2 1/2 hours from the mission home. After lunch and their interview with the president, we could see that we would not be able to get to Camiling and back before it got dark. The roads here are very scary at night since most of the Filipinos do not use the lights on their vehicles - they think it will run the battery down . . . So we left this morning about 7:30am on our little 'adventure'. You see, we have never been to Camiling before. So it was like the blind leading the blind! Actually it wasn't that hard to find our way . . we drove to Tarlac (where we have been several times). After crossing the bridge it was pretty much a straight shot (about another hour of driving) to Camiling!

We stopped for a couple of minutes in Tarlac and
met these 3 darling little girls . . . they liked getting their picture taken
and they especially like the coins we gave them!It was such a beautiful drive! It is a little more hilly than the Angeles area
with lots of green vegetation and these beautiful tree lined roads . . .There are rice fields planted in the opened spaces too.
I am always amazed at how beautiful the Philippines is. Elder Jewkes said that it reminded him of Costa Rica where he served his first mission some 40+ years ago.
Welcome to Camiling
The front yard of the sister's home - beautiful!!

We helped the Roberts get their things moved into their house and settled some before heading back to the mission office. It is a really nice home with 2 bedrooms. The rooms are all very large. We had the zone leaders come over to meet them as well as the 4 sisters in that zone who live next door. It was fun to visit and to get to know Elder & Sister Roberts. I think they will enjoy their stay in Camiling! And the missionaries were excited to have a new 'mom and dad' in the neighborhood!

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